Wednesday, April 09, 2008

See you next month!

I'm taking a month off from this blog, just to clear a little space on the To Do list with the wedding approaching and with two exciting big, new book projects on my desk. Be sure to come back in May for my newest website recommendations, tips, wedding warnings, Top 5's, and a few surprises [hint: freebies!].

Thank you for your loyal visits to my site, for your feedback and questions, and for your wonderful wishes! See you next month!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Dan Marino shakes the groom's hand

As Joe's wedding gift, I got him a ticket to meet NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino at a big football spectacular this past weekend, and let me tell you...this was the best gift I could ever have given to Joe. What a moment for him, to shake his hero's hand and tell him 'meeting you was my wedding gift,' which Mr. Marino seemed to LOVE. I'm sure those guys get tired of signing autographs for people who are going to run home and put it up on eBay, people who aren't really fans. When they meet someone who says 'meeting you is my WEDDING gift,' that has to feel good. I was in front with the camera (praying that I got the shot), and Dan Marino stood up and leaned forward to shake my hand as well. I wasn't expecting that. I have no idea if I said anything to the guy, as focused as I was in making this moment great for Joe, but I'll always remember how pleased Dan Marino looked to be a part of our big day. That's awesome. Oh, and Joe also got to meet Mercury Morris, a member of the '72 Dolphins with the perfect season. We just happened to chance upon him. The whole day was amazing. As a bigtime football fan, that was like Disneyworld to me. "There's Jim Brown!" "There's Peyton Manning!" John Elway was apparently right next to Dan Marino, but that didn't even register with me. I'm a bit of a spaz with football greats. So, luckily, I didn't say to Dan Marino "We have your wine!" ( like I dreamed I would. My man was happy. That's what matters most.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


The buzz about hot wedding dates is all about the upcoming 08/08/08 -- various resorts are promoting honeymoon freebies, contests and perks, even some that don't require you to marry at their establishment. All you have to do is show your marriage license stating that you did tie the knot on the big 08 day, and they'll shower you with the good stuff. Talk about a lucky day!

Speaking of lucky days, ours is quickly approaching, and our place has turned into Wedding Central with bags of our wedding programs all folded and ready to go, our place cards written out and alphabetized, cases of our favors, and calls and faxes streaming in to handle the final details and confirmations. We're on top of things, so there are just a few little tasks to do...and I have to figure out my 'something blue' for the wedding day. Details, details.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Everyone's dreaming about the wedding

It's such a funny thing that my Matron of Honor and my bridesmaid have both e-mailed to say they've had some weird dreams about the wedding. And both Joe and I have had some dreams about it as well. After all, it's such a pervasive part of our worlds right now, so why wouldn't we process is through the imagery and symbolism of dreams? What's been in these dreams? An overseas destination, the previous carpet at my parents' house, religious images, no food, no lights...nothing that makes much sense. But the mind is an amazing thing, and I know I'm looking forward to more wedding dreams as our big day approaches.

Speaking of the big day, I had my second gown fitting today, and the dress looks amazing. I asked for a little extra room in the ribs so that I can breathe a little easier, and my mom and I found the *perfect* necklace to go with it. The girls in the dress shop are going gaga over the silver sparkly shoes that Joe gave me as my wedding gift (isn't my man awesome?!), and the gown designer said she's been telling her brides about my shoes. Looks like we may have started a little trend!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Personalized M&Ms for your wedding favors and goodie bags

How fabulous is this? If you'd like to add a personal touch to your wedding favors, co-ed shower favors, or guest welcome goodie bags, check out the new collection of MLB M&Ms created in every team's logo:

Joe and I brought into our night-before cocktail party a collection of Dan Marino Estates wines, found at A percent of sales goes to Mr. Marino's autism foundation, so we can't think of a better way to add one of Joe's favorites to our big wedding weekend plans.

Sports elements are a big new trends for personalizing weddings. It might be pro ball, your alma mater, even minor league teams [their box seats are ideal for bachelor-bachelorette's parties.] What's in your sports interests that can be worked into your day wonderfully?