Thursday, January 29, 2009

Warning! Postage Stamp Rates Going Up!

I just heard on the news that postage stamp rates are going to be increasing in May, so be VERY careful about buying the right Love or personally-designed stamps for your wedding invitations that will be valid at the time of your wedding. You don't want to buy 42-cent Love stamps now and then have to supplement with a random 2-cent stamp later nor have all of your invitations bounce back to you for insufficient postage. Then you'd have to order new envelopes, address them all, buy new stamps, etc. Huge nightmare!

Think about your wedding date and invitation mailing date (6-8 weeks before a hometown wedding, 12 weeks at least for a destination wedding) -- and the same for your Save the Dates if that's where you're at in your planning -- and make sure your purchase and sending timing is spot-on!

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