Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bring in your European heritage through flowers

I'm all about personalizing weddings, and bringing in the official flowers of your heritage is a great way to do so!

Here are the official flowers of some European countries, so that you can combine your His and Hers heritage in every floral detail:

Albania: Red and black poppy
Austria: Alpine gentian
Bulgaria: Rose
Cyprus: Cyprus cyclamen
Denmark: Red clover
Estonia: Cornflower
Finland: Lily of the valley, and the white rose
France: Fleur de lis
Germany: Cornflower
Greece: Laurel branch, and the violet
Iceland: White dryas
Ireland: Shamrock
Italy: Cyclamen
Macedonia: Poppy
Netherlands: Tulip
Norway: Heather
Portugal: Blue-white hydrangea, among others
Romania: Romanian peony
Serbia: Plum
Slovakia: Tilia cordata
Slovenia: Carnation
Spain: Carnation
Sweden: no national flower, but each province has its own flower
Switzerland: Edelweiss
Turkey: Tulip
United Kingdom: Tudor rose, and each county has its own signature flower