Friday, March 30, 2007

Create your own monograms and logos

Forget the trend reports that say monograms are out -- they're still in, particularly when the right site offers such gorgeous artistic renditions. And do I have a site for you! Visit monograms collection at and choose from their classic, contemporary, casual, symbolic and other styles. I'm definitely bookmarking this page for upcoming use. And yes, that's a not so subtle sign that Joe and I will be making a big announcement soon. :) Bless this man for his amusement at my chomping at the bit, and his gentle holding back of my reins. I joke that the floodgates are open, and especially with the house purchase going on, stress is in no short supply. But it thrills me to think about the little things like the tulips I'd like for my bouquet, just as it's thrilling us to imagine where we're going to hang our artwork in our new house, or picking out a new living room couch. They say that looking forward to something produces happy hormones in the body, so my advice to all of you wedding planning couples is to not stress about the details but get cozy with them. They're the fun part, so don't freak out over invitation fonts or napkin colors. These little details are your mind's eye painting a picture that makes you happy and maybe balances out all those other stressful things in your life.

Stay tuned...we have some fun stuff coming soon....

And thank you to everyone who wrote with excitement and compliments about my segment on Good Morning America! That was a big thrill for me.