Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Eco-friendly weddings

Many thanks to my publicist Julie Berry for bringing this great magazine to my attention~

If you'd like to plan an environmentally-friendly wedding, and check into eco-tourism for your honeymoon, visit www.portovert.com (pronounced porto-vair). I'm thrilled to know this new resource is out there, providing realistic ways to choose products, foods, services and gifts that are kind to the environment...without everything being made out of hemp and wood pulp! You'll get a great education here, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you 'gave a little back.'

In other news, I taped the next two installments of my Wedding Podcast Network show 'Here Come the Moms' (www.weddingpodcastnetwork.com), so check the site to see when our segments on 1.) Working as a Team and 2.) Mom wedding fashion are launched!

And when I find a great wedding registry, I love to share it with my readers. When I can also support a relative's entrepreneurial vision, I'm there! So check out my cousin Renee's bridal registry program with Pampered Chef at www.pamperedchef.biz/reneesgroi.

That's it for today...it's time for a walk by the lake and then finalizing my wardrobe for the taping of 'Naomi's New Morning' for the Hallmark Channel on Thursday. I'm bringing along the VERY FIRST handbag from my new bridal line with www.zbeckybrown.com, and I'll be wearing the gorgeous eternity earrings and necklace from celebrity designer Kristy Nuttall at www.mylittlepretty.com.