Monday, June 09, 2008

Catching up on life

Whew! This weekend was 'catching up on life' weekend, where I delved into my To Do list of things I put in motion *before* the wedding. Yes, that was almost 2 months ago! I happily took on several big assignments before the Big Day, and now it's time to fulfill all promises and deliver by deadlines. And in true Sharon Naylor fashion, that means beat the deadlines. For instance, I received the edit pages for my new book 'Home From the Honeymoon,' on Friday, and I spent the entire weekend line-editing the whole thing, done by 9pm on Sunday. And it was a blast. Considering I wrote this baby during the weeks before the wedding, there were surprisingly few typos. (Yes, typos still make me shudder, even 37 books later!). I find the edit stage to be the most gratifying, since the time away from the project gives you clear vision into what you were trying to say. And you get the clear vision of your editor. It's a rewarding point in the book creation process -- going from 300 blank pages (yikes!) to almost published form (yay!).

With this giant pack of papers covered with tiny hot pink post-it notes and my red pen scribbles all ready to go, I can set this aside and dig into the text for my other big ongoing project (I'll announce the topic soon!). I came up with the solution for a 'frustrating screeching halt' in the text while watering my peonies yesterday, so I'm excited to fire up the Macros program and get on it.

And can I just say how much I love seeing Joe work on technical improvements to our house? (Sorry, Giz, the praise continues!). We brought home our new 'baby': a big TV to replace my *20 year old* ancient TV where you couldn't read the words on the crawls at the bottom of the screen. And Joe did all the wiring and attaching and running cords through to the basement -- I have to admit that I was distracted from work because I wanted to just keep looking at him. Someone should market a 'hot guy working on the house' series of's a beautiful thing to see. And to be fair, I caught him looking at me as I was watering the shade garden. I like to think he was admiring my form, but he may have been making sure I didn't drown the ferns! We're enjoying domestic life very's a fine distraction from the post-wedding things we're making progress on whenever we have time -- picking proof numbers and writing thank-you's. There's still a month to go for TY's, according to the latest etiquette Do's. We're in good shape.

And not to sound like Carrie Bradshaw with her loaded questions, but is there any such thing as being 'caught up on life?'