Monday, August 04, 2008

The Police concert

Last night, Joe and I escaped to take in The Police concert -- we had seen them before on this same tour in New York City, and last night they came to the Garden State as they wind down their tour. We chanced upon a corner of the lawn seats that is designated as family-friendly and put us within a hundred yards of the stage, and it was a beautiful night to sit under the stars and listen to so many of the songs we had played at our this first concert we attended *since* the weddding. (Gotta celebrate all the fun Firsts of newlywed life! Speaking of which, I have a book coming out on exactly this topic!) I always love it when I can *see* how much an artist loves what he does, as evidenced by the expressions on Sting's face, and the joy he and the band get when the crowd sings their lyrics en masse. As writers and musicians, that has to be an amazing thing for them. I'm sure it never gets old. It was a great night...and now it's back to working on the two books that are closing in on deadline.