Sunday, October 12, 2008

'Green' your wedding beauty preps

Going green has never been easier, especially with authors like Sophie Uliano providing us with great resources! As we prep for our weddings, we're trying out skin creams and tooth whiteners, new shampoos and conditioners...all in our attempts to look and feel our best, and some of these new products we're trying might contain insanely bad-for-you ingredients! You can't be the radiant bride if you're full of toxins! Do you really want a bad case of dandruff right before the wedding day because you're using a so-called botanical shampoo that has an unpronounceable ingredient that shreds your scalp? The answers are in this book! Download their Cheat Sheet as well, to look out for ingredients in the products you own as well as the products you're looking for to look your best.
I have to confess. I originally bought this book as a Christmas gift for my friend Jen, but I couldn't stay away from it, and now Joe and I are clearing out a lot of our toxin-filled ingredients in the ol' medicine cabinet and our shower. Let's just say we're going to be buying a LOT of Burt's Bees replacement items today.
They're not kidding when they say you look and feel good from the inside out, but slapping on creams and lotions is part of our ingrained beauty rituals! Check out this book and the book's website to 'clean up your act,' be radiant on your wedding day, and give your bridesmaids a fantastic bridal party gift in the form of this book!