Thursday, December 11, 2008

Books are the #1 budget wedding favor and gifts choice!

If you're looking for the perfect, affordable wedding favors, forget about those cheesy little silver frames and choose to get your guests great little gift books! Priced at under $7 each in most cases, these books offer your guests humor, quotes, pretty pictures, name it. It's something they'll enjoy and keep on their bookshelves for a very long time, always remembering your wonderful wedding.

For parents' and bridal party gifts, get your recipients gorgeous coffee table books featuring photos of their favorite locations (Tuscany, Paris, Egypt), their favorite artists (Monet, VanGogh, etc.), architecture, boats, whatever topic they love. Again, this gift -- signed by you with a heartfelt message of love and thanks -- stays in their home, on display, for a long, long time. That's way better than a bottle of wine and is the perfect add-on to the framed photo or album you're already planning to get them.

And if you have a Rewards system with Amazon, just think about the points and perks you'll get when you order 30 shower favor books or 100 wedding favor books! It's an additional savings on an already affordable gift idea, adding up to a very smart gift choice.

My personal favorite for bridal shower favors? A very fun choice for your married and single guests: Love Bets.