Saturday, December 27, 2008

Money-saving DIY ideas

I LOVE Amy Palanjian's column 'Things We Make' for the terrific DIY projects and inspiration. Check it out!

I also saw on the Hallmark Magazine website a fantastic photo feature on 'recycling' the lace from your wedding gown or bouquet fabric. They're talking making a shadow box or frame to feature one carefully-cut lace design, and I think this would make an AMAZING gift to give to your mom, grandmom, daughter, the bridesmaids. Since the bouquet toss tradition started out originally, long ago, as wedding guests tearing at the bride's dress to get a little scrap of fabric and thus a bit of her luck (and sometimes it got brutal!), giving out snippets of your gown or veil lace or that from your bouquet handle is a precious gift!