Monday, March 02, 2009

Do something stupid, get a free honeymoon?

I knew it when I saw these two giggly post-teens on the Today Show. The girl apparently swallowed the engagement ring that the oh-so-creative boyfriend slipped into her milkshake, and -- good thing they had a camera rolling! I always need video evidence of my having a milkshake! -- and now she's blogging that maybe, just maybe, they'll get a free honeymoon out of the deal.

So we're in a recession, right? I'm thinking....we'll start seeing some pretty creative efforts via YouTube and its best friend The Today Show enacted by opportunists trying to get a free vacation and a free wedding.

I know that there will be lots of people out there nodding their heads, admiring these kids, saying 'Wow, that's clever.' I happen to know some of these people by name, and I'm sure they're greasing up some jewelry ready to go win themselves a fresh trip to Hawaii.

And then I know many, many more people who would never pull a trick like this.