Monday, March 16, 2009

Give Back! Designing Charitable Favor Cards

I LOVE this site for Charitable Registries and Charitable Wedding Favors: Finding a way to Give Back with your wedding has long been a trend, and it's only growing stronger as we think about the value of wedding gifts and favors, and how wonderful it is to choose something that adds to humanity, and makes a difference, far more than a little silver wedding frame.

Check out their DIY package so that you can choose from some wonderful offerings -- Adopt a Tiger ($40), Plant 40 Trees ($22) and fabulous favors such as Equip Artisans ($5) and Provide Back-To-School Supplies for needy kids ($5). They even have a $1 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich donation for a kids' food pantry. What a great late-night favor that would be: a mini PB&J slider for the road, as hungry guests leave your reception after hours of dancing, plus a cute note that you've designed on this site announcing that they've just fed a hungry child. This is a wonderful thing!