Monday, April 20, 2009

Have a smaller more intimate wedding!

I love that my fellow wedding authors are such wonderful people -- not at all agressively competitive, but so willing to partner up and work together well...which is why so many of the 'generous in spirit' pros skyrocket to the top!

Today, I'm recommending my colleague Christina's wonderful book Intimate Weddings. Here's more info on her terrific book:

Small weddings rock. In fact, thanks to the economy, small weddings are one of the biggest trends of 2009.

If you are one of the thousands of brides planning a small wedding, check out Christina Friedrichsen’s Intimate Weddings: Planning a Small Wedding that Fits Your Budget and Style.

In Intimate Weddings: Planning a Small Wedding that Fits Your Budget and Style , Christina Friedrichsen shows you how to plan a wedding that is small in scale but full of your personality and style. Inside you will find:

* Inspiring stories and advice from couples who have planned small and intimate weddings

* Creative location, ceremony and reception ideas for throwing a wedding that matches your personality

* Inventive ways to get loved ones involved with wedding planning and the wedding day events.

* realistic wedding budgets from real-life couples.

It's time to think outside the "big wedding" box and explore the possibilities of a small and intimate wedding. Before you walk down the aisle, consult the guide that shares your perspective: Intimate is ultimate! And don’t forget to check out which lists more than 1,300 small wedding venues throughout North America. The website also has a blog ( with heaps of helpful information on planning a small wedding.

Get your copy at the website now!