Monday, August 10, 2009

Say It The Right Way

In any wedding season, you're going to have to word things...gently with some people. Diplomacy is a key to success in any stage of life, but when there's a wedding afoot, it seems like everyone's emotions get magnified a thousand times over. And there you are, wanting to respond to a cruel message with an equally icy retort, or facing a manipulator who's trying to weasel her picks into your day (or her date onto the guest list). And the fireworks are all around YOU, waiting to blow skyhigh if you say the wrong thing.

But wait a minute...if you're just responding to something rude that THEY said, doesn't that exempt you? Sadly, no. In some freaky loophole of human behavior, the real dangers lie in how you respond. People, it seems, can say or do whatever they'd like to you if they have no sense of decency [and they don't lose sleep over it when they do!], but when you strike back, all of a sudden you're the center of gossip, you're getting lectures, and all around you the Hypocrite Olympics are going on. How could it be that your response could set off such drama?

Because the troublemakers were waiting to bring you down. According to them , you're 'all up there on your high horse,' being decent, and having things going pretty well in your life. So if they can hit a nerve with you, if they can make you lose your cool, if they can get you to respond in anger, if they can get you to gossip, you're in the Game.

Save yourself from this! Save yourself from the petty games of people, the gossip, the wounding that lasts long after the wedding, the hurt feelings, the sleepless nights, the things you wish you didn't say, the terror of sending an angry e-mail and then not being able to recall it...pick up your copy of The Bride's Diplomacy Guide today. Now available in Kindle edition at discount price!