Monday, August 31, 2009

Forget fireworks...plan for Shooting Stars

Who wants the hassle of finding a fireworks company, getting permits, worrying about drought conditions that mean you can't set off those dramatic post-reception fireworks? Get a light show overhead that's FREE from Mother Nature by checking out this terrific site's schedule of expected Meteor Showers.

The night sky could be filled with dozens of meteors per hour -- in some regions, at peak meteor shower times, and with a clear sky, that number could soar to the hundreds! You and all of your guests get to make wishes on each of them.

How fabulous would this nighttime light show be for your wedding plans? And for marriage proposal plans! So guys, if you're looking for the perfect place and time, with a gorgeous scenic view, and want to propose under the stars, there's no better and more romantic way to get your sweetheart to join you for a night of stargazing.