Monday, September 07, 2009

My novel is a hit on Kindle! Reviewed as 'laugh out loud' and 'fun, fun, fun!'

I have to agree with the reviewers! My novel It's My Wedding Too *is* laugh out loud and fun, fun, fun! I had such a blast creating these characters -- my uptight, upper-crust romance novelist Delilah and her attempts to take over her daughter's wedding. My Earth-mother Carmela who is having a really hard time accepting that her son has cut the apron strings. And we have a male dancer named The Hawk [pronounced 'Da Hawk in true Bostonian pitch] and a feng shui-obsessed, heartbroken bridesmaid who finds love at the end of the novel...only it's not with a man. Nor a pair of shoes. You're going to LOVE how her love story evolves. Throw in a fake, cheesy bridal shower just to stun Delilah and an unforgettable backstory for Carmela (heart-wrenching!!), and you know you're so going to read this novel now, right?

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