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Vegetarian Menu Inspiration for your wedding

Finding inspired and delectable vegetarian dishes for your cocktail party or wedding isn't a challenge at all when you work with a caterer who has experience with vegetarian or vegan menus. I'm so thrilled to share some samples from

Sides, Salads & Dolci — Mediterranean

Vegetables, Grains & Legumes

Platter of Grilled Seasonal Vegetables in light balsamic marinade
Wild Rice with broccoli, bell pepper, tarragon & toasted pecans
White Beans with tomatoes, olives, rosemary, feta, light balsamic sauce
Couscous or Tabbouleh with tomato, cucumber, parsley, mint
Israeli Couscous with julienned vegetables & light vinaigrette marinade
Persian Wedding Rice with caramelized onion, dried fruits,
saffron, cardamom, toasted nuts
Indian Dal garnished with yogurt, tomatoes, cucumber & cilantro
Sicilian Eggplant Caponata


Mixed Seasonal Greens with grilled vegetables & agrodolce dressing
Salade Ni├žoise with green beans, potatoes, tuna, tomatoes, eggs, olives & basil
Lebanese-style Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, onions, sumac
Orange Salad with red onions, & mint dressing, served on a bed of greens
Panzanella: Italian bread salad with roasted peppers, olives, tomatoes, basil
Fattoush: Middle Eastern bread salad with cucumbers,
tomatoes, peppers, mint, cilantro
Seasonal or Citrus Fruit Salad with orange flower water & mint


Fabulous flourless Italian Chocolate Torte with hazelnuts
Ricotta Tart with seasonal fruit or berries
Platter of Dessert Bars, including triple chocolate fudge brownies,
Slices of moist Lemon or Orange Cake, & hazelnut bars with raspberry jam
Strawberries in red wine
Tarte Tatin (upside down apple cake)

* * *

Sides, Salads & Postres — South of the Border

Vegetables, Grains & Legumes

Platter of Grilled Seasonal Vegetables with light cilantro/lime marinade
Arroz Escarlata (scarlet rice with beets)
Spanish-style Rice with chiles, tomatoes, celery, cilantro
Pineapple Rice: a spicy rice with vegetables & fresh pinapple
Black Beans with mango, tomato, corn, avocado, lime/cilantro dressing
Lentil Stew with pineapple & banana
Zucchini & mushrooms in spicy lime marinade
Eggplant with garlic & spring onions
Quinoa with julienned vegetables, tomato & light marinade


Red, White & Green Salad with spinach, red cabbage & avocado
Orange & Radish Salad served on a bed of greens with anise dressing
Jicama & Cucumber Salad with orange lime marinade
Salad of Beets & Cabbage with candied pineapple & avocado sauce
Cactus & Jicama Salad with watercress & avocado
Cauliflower Corn Salad with orange dressing
Painted Desert Coleslaw: finely shredded cabbage & veggies in a lime marinade
Peruvian Vegetable Salad with baby vegetables, eggs, olives & thinly sliced pancetta
Mango, Tomato & Red Onion Salad
Avocado, Arugula & Citrus Salad


Citrus Fruit Salad (tangerines, blood oranges, grapefruit) with light sauce
of kumquat & orange blossom water
Platter of Fresh Fruits (melon, pineapple, strawberries)
Louisiana-style Bread Pudding with dried apricots & bourbon sauce
Jamaican Fruit Trifle (layers of cake, cream, dash of rum & tropical fruit)

Sample Menus

International Specialties

Indian Specialties
Sides, Salads & Sweets

Take your appetite on a Mediterranean adventure into tangy spices, zesty sauces, salty crunches, cooling dips and subtle sweets from Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Portugal, and Tangiers.

Our Latin menus include foods from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Cuba, and the Caribbean, where beans and rice are never ordinary!

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