Friday, April 28, 2006

It's a magazine article

Writers hear No all the time. Doesn't even phase us. We'd rather hear No than an open-ended maybe. A new project of mine -- a fun dating book -- has been returning Fast No's with the same response: "It's not a book, it's a magazine article." I had imagined a life for this project, a book, perhaps with a blue cover, that couples of every age would use to keep the laughter and the fun in their relationships. I imagined people taking it on vacation, or pulling it off the bookshelf on snowed-in nights, or people on first dates using it to break the ice. Now the concept has a different form -- it will reach one demographic in whatever magazine picks it up.

But that's okay.

A magazine article will get out there faster, bring those laughs out sooner. Now I can imagine the article being shown around at the office, people taking the *idea* and coming up with their own angles. So maybe the smaller form is better. A fun idea on a glossy page, rather than the blue-covered book.

Sometimes when you imagine one destiny for a project, and you hit a bump, it comes out even better. So after the conference today, I'll start pitching this new idea to the women's magazines. And look forward to the form it takes...

And now I've just started giggling, thinking about the impression Joe did last night. So we've covered that he makes me smile, he makes me beam... Amazing how HE lights up a room.