Sunday, April 30, 2006

Reggie Bush's earrings

Just an observation, devoid of all envy or judgment. Those are some big earrings, mister. Yes, this weekend was the NFL draft, otherwise known as a holy day in my family. We're big football fans, as you might remember from my post about Phil Simms earlier in this blog. Very happy to see a few Syracuse defensive linemen get drafted, and my absolute favorite moment was seeing one particular player get so emotional when his name was called. As I was telling Joe, it's amazing to know that these guys have been playing since they were 6 years old, on PAL leagues. I remember when my little brother played, how the helmet was so enormous, the shoulderpads so out of proportion to his little body...I'm sure these guys were scrawny little tykes at one time, worshipping pro players, imagining themselves on that stage with a hat and jersey, making the draft. They may be millionaires now, or on their way, but I'm sure they can't put a pricetag on that dream coming true. I'll be in the last row under the scoreboard in Giants Stadium this season, cheering on the Blue.

This was SUCH a good weekend I almost can't imagine getting back to work. But sighing and giggling won't pay the bills, so it's pitch time for all the editors at the conference, plus working on "What's Your Bridal Style?" with Casey Cooper and my first two pieces for a travel Web site. I start a new wedding forum on tomorrow, my second time back to that terrific site, answering questions for everyone around the bride (this month's theme), so please do check it out. And we've just ended the 'Best Wedding Weekend Events' contest at, so I'll be flipping through all those terrific entries to find our winners! (Thanks so much for sharing your story, if you're among the participants!)

Best part of my day: taking a long-awaited nap. Perfect day for it.