Tuesday, September 05, 2006

After the holiday weekend

Things always take off after the holiday weekend, and I absolutely love it. It's not even lunchtime, and I've been asked to appear at a big bridal show in St. Louis in January, speak on a panel at the American Society of Journalists and Authors' conference in New York City in April, contribute to a New York Times article and a piece for Rhode Island Bride magazine, and I'm waiting for a call about a huge article for Consumers Digest. I just pitched eight stories to Hallmark Magazine -- which is one of my dream assignments for this year -- and sent a little something over to Martha Stewart Weddings. I literally sprang out of bed this morning knowing that editors are back in their offices and readying their winter and spring issues. Oh, and we also coordinated a send to The View for a possible wedding segment.

While I have a little breathing room here, let me fill in on my weekend. Joe and I celebrated our anniversary at Copeland, a gorgeous restaurant at the Westin in Morristown. We'd gone shopping at the Short Hills mall earlier in the day, and I found the perfect sapphire blue satin camisole to wear with a black skirt and my favorite stilettos. Our original dinner destination was blocked off by thousands of cars -- a classic car show and 50s doo wop concert series was going on at the hotel, and we couldn't get anywhere near the parking lot. So we turned around and wound up someplace even better -- isn't that always the way? When what you think you're doing gets blocked, you get something far superior. The waiter brought us a Happy Anniversary bowl of sorbets, which was amazing. The perfect evening. I'm so lucky.

We took in the last day at the town pool and rested up for The Draft. Joe included me in his Fantasy Football league, which was tremendous fun for the first hour and a half. After that, it seemed like work. But we have a great lineup, so we'll see how the season plays out. Right now, I'm just cleaning up the fortune cookie remnants and duck sauce packets that are all over my computer station. No prophetic fortune cookie this time. My fortune was sitting right next to me last night.

Gotta run...my agent's on the phone with follow-up on a book pitch. I love days like this...