Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11th

The weather today is exactly the same as it was that day, the morning going exactly as it did that day. Cars passing my house have flags on them. Businesses have their flags out. People are smiling at one another, in silent understanding that all our hearts are a little heavier today. I live in a town that is a commuter town to New York City. Our community lost a number of residents in the attacks, and the churches and synagogues have all opened their doors early to those of us who wish to pray for the victims, their families, the troops overseas, our leaders. In a little while, I'll go place some flowers by a tribute stone in's as close as I can get to hugging someone who's hurting.

In my last post, I wrote about thank you note etiquette that made me shudder. What makes me shudder today is heartless people, those who have no feeling for others, who wish to inflict harm, to divide, and worse -- to instill fear in the heart. Today, we're seeing tons of images of that harm, the fear. Cameras train on those who are crying. But I see all around me, and I hope it's seen all across the country, that a much greater percentage of people have those flags on their cars, are smiling, rise up again and again from every terrible thing that a dark soul can do to them.

Okay, time for some lighter stuff. Much lighter stuff. The weight of a hamster. Many of you have written about how Butters, the hamster that Joe and I won at a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser, fared in the Hamster Ball Derby. Our little guy did way better than we thought he would...while we expected that he'd just sit there and look around, he ran for a little distance and then turned around to get back to Joe. He had a little adventure. We're proud parents. Our Butters did great in our eyes.

Now, I'm headed off to the memorial stone and then to church. I just want to be in that quiet for a little while before I get to work.