Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Well, well, well...

Hmmmm....interesting....How fun to see a mega-store steal a bunch of my ideas for their bridal section. Blatant theft, word for word. My team is on it. I should have known that someone who would wear a pink and orange tie to a meeting was not to be trusted.

In better news, The Bride's Diplomacy Guide is coming out wonderfully! I'm laughing over what I *wish* I could advise, but that's a humor book that could be a future project someday. Right now, I'm talking with Collectors Press about possibly doing something. I love, love, love their 50s retro line as terrific wedding and shower favors, so check them out at www.collectorspress.com.

Back to work now...I'm knocking off early to take Peanut to the vet for her diabetes test. Butters goes to the vet to get his hand and face checked out on Thursday. I'm literally at some kind of medical center every day, and the vet's is way, way better than those I've been to for my parents. Dad starts a new chemo soon -- this is the Great Hope one we've been waiting for since last November. I do a lot of research and advocacy on the LLS Web site, www.lls.org, and we've been hearing great things about this treatment. Dad's doing better now -- my thanks to everyone who has sent letters of support, prayers and good wishes. Everyone's kindness really does so much to keep us all going strong for him.