Thursday, May 01, 2008

"A Wedding Out of a Movie"

We're back from the honeymoon [Add Caneel Bay in St. John to your Places to Get To list!], and I'm thrilled to report that our wedding was amazing. Beyond our dreams. Guests said it was like a wedding out of a movie, and we gratefully share the credit with the amazing vendors we hired and Bill Chriswell and his staff at The Park Savoy ( Joe and I started from Minute One with the goal of giving our friends and family an unforgettable experience, a wedding day filled with the finest food in the state, the joy of child guests, great entertainment and beauty...and the day turned out to be pure magic. Perfect weather. The trees all in bloom. Every detail perfect.

From the smiling faces of our guests, we knew we had met our goal. People were texting photos of the cocktail and dessert buffets to their friends at home!

Since the most important part of any wedding, no matter how perfectly designed and blessed, is the PEOPLE who come together to celebrate your happiness, we are even more thrilled to report that all of our favorite people had an absolute blast all the way through the wedding weekend. We have terrific friends and family, and we're so fulfilled to know that they enjoyed the day with each other as well as with us. It couldn't have been more perfect.

And I got to marry the most wonderful man on Earth.

Details from the wedding will soon appear in magazines, so I have to stay a little bit quiet here, but I can say that we had a paparazzo! And that a line in the vows quotes Bret Michaels from 'Rock of Love,' and that my Something Blue was a Smurf [Joe knows I used to collect them when I was a little girl], and that we danced a spotlight dance to Vinx's 'Man and Wife' [ to hear the amazing voice we fell in love to.]

I'm catching up on work right now [I haven't been out of the office this long in 15 years! And yes, I did check my e-mail from the resort :O], but the next report will be on the honeymoon....with pictures.