Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a weekend!

Joe turned my birthday weekend into a dream come true! It's my first birthday as Mrs., first birthday in the new house, and last birthday of my 30s! Everyone has the usual teasing attitude about being over the hill (all in good nature, of course), but I feel like I'm in my 20s! I guess that's all that matters...how you feel and how others make you feel. On both counts, it was an awesome weekend. Too many highlights to mention, but I have to say how much I *loved* going to a new garden center and stocking up on flowers and plants for our front yard, then going to Home Depot to pick up a few extra trees with my birthday gift card [Something to keep in mind...if you want to purchase plants or trees to fix up your place for the wedding weekend, Home Depot guarantees their plants! And their prices are outstanding. Something to keep in mind...as well as for potted herbs as party favors, a great 'green' gift idea. I also love the idea of getting parents a tree as your wedding thank you gift...something they'll enjoy for years and years.]

For my birthday dinner, Joe and I went to the same jazz club where we originally had our first date. How fun to look at those two bar stools now and remember how it all started :) We now have 1 1/2 cakes in our refrigerator (yikes!) and a bunch of leftovers from my family's traditional Memorial Day barbecue. This is my parents' big party of the year, so there was no way we were going to miss that. Just a great weekend all around, and *12* chapters edited in spare morning time [that means waking up at 6am every day on a holiday weekend to churn out a fresh edition of my very first book...great new resources added, plus a new destination wedding section, so keep an eye out for it this fall. Don't worry...I'll remind you!] Also coming out soon: The Bride's Survival Guide, a full-photo book on wedding flowers, and more. Now that the wedding's done, it's back to full-throttle!

But first, a big thank you to my Joe for the best birthday weekend ever.