Saturday, July 19, 2008

Looking for a Calligrapher?

As I'm updating my book 1001 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Dazzling Wedding, I thought to expand my list of professional calligraphers, and I hit the jackpot when I found the Association for the Calligraphic Arts: Here are some possible leads for your own calligrapher search -- just be sure to ask about their specialties and see samples of their work!

Joe and I are just back from a *wonderful* weekend attending our cousins' post-destination-wedding reception. They did an amazing job planning, the details were perfection, and their deejay kept the dance floor packed. It was a great celebration, made all the better by my husband's brilliant idea that we spend a few days at the beach. (After the hell we've been through the past few weeks, we needed it!) We explored a neat boutique hotel in Spring Lake that I'll be reporting on soon, and found the most charming little breakfast spot. Now we're back and jumping right on our work...