Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wanna win $500?

Sharing an announcement I received the other day...

Wedtro.com Creates the "I Did" It This Way Contest for Brides to Share their Best Planning Ideas.

People are still shamelessly interested in other people's business, and brides are people too. Wedtro.com wanted to create a forum for brides to share their most fabulous wedding planning ideas. The "I Did" It This Way video contest was born, with a reward of $500.00 going to the bride with the most inspirational idea.

Wedtro.com presents the "I Did" It This Way video contest for brides searching for inspiration while planning for their wedding. Brides will be asked to share their best planning ideas through videotape. The entries will feature an example of the idea itself or an explanation of the plan to be. This will allow brides the opportunity to scan other entries and get the inside scoop on what other brides are doing.The winner will be selected by the viewing public. The entrant with the most inspirational idea and highest number of votes will win $500.00. In today's economy, a chance at trimming a little off of the wedding budget is never a bad idea. The contest is currently underway and will run through August 14th, 2008. Visit www.Wedtro.com for contest details and submission instructions.