Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't Miss These Shows!


This Year's Extensive Lineup Features Three Brand New Specials Every Saturday at 9PM and Two New Installments of Style's "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?"
Including the Series' First Ever Million Dollar Wedding!

This December, TV viewers are invited to the biggest wedding bash of the year, as the third annual White Wedding programming event kicks off on The Style Network! Featuring a bigger, more robust slate of compelling new specials, this year's extravaganza is shaping up to be the most memorable. For anyone who loves watching the trials and tribulations behind planning the perfect nuptials, or for those who just need the best tips for throwing their own stunning event, don't miss The White Wedding Event which kicks off Saturday, December 6, only on The Style Network.

From a big pre-wedding weight loss challenge, to hilarious countdown clip shows, to informative specials featuring experts from Martha Stewart Weddings, Style once again renews its vows as the one-stop-shop for all things matrimony. Bringing together top wedding planners, specialists and real brides-to-be, viewers will be absorbed in down to the wire bridal planning, witness grand real life ceremonies, laugh at unpredictable wedding day moments and even shed a tear when couples finally say "I do." From brand new specials, to new episodes of the ever-popular series "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?," The Style Network proves it's the number one destination for celebrating the big day!

Highlights from The Style Network's White Wedding Event (in order of airdate) include:

"Fat Free Fianc├ęs" – New Special
First Episode Premieres Saturday, December 6 at 9:00PM ET/PT on Style
In a new two-part wedding weight loss special, Style takes a couple on a 90-day fat burning mission to lose weight before they walk down the aisle. Our weight loss team, including fitness trainer Tarik Tyler and nutritionist Cindy Whitmarsh, challenge couples to shed the pounds even as they stress over planning their own wedding! The team takes over their homes to create a no-excuses environment and they will be faced with three "weigh-ins" along the way. If the couple meets their weight loss goals, they will win incredible personalized rewards for their own wedding day.

In the one-hour special on December 6, Ontario, CA couple Amber and Benny are both ready to get married after four years together. But before the big day, they each want to lose 30 pounds of extra weight to look and feel their best. The weight loss team will use the couple's competitive nature to their advantage to motivate them to lose the weight. With the stress of planning their wedding, following a strict diet plan, daily workouts, and a bachelor weekend in Las Vegas for Benny, it's not going to be easy. Do they have the strength to sweat it out and still make it to the church on time? Find out on this exciting new special!

"Whose Wedding is it Anyway?: Million Dollar Wedding!" – New Special Episode
Premieres Tuesday, December 9 at 10:00PM ET/PT on Style
In the grandest nuptials ever featured on "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?," the show travels to New York City for its first million dollar wedding held at Bryant Park and the prestigious New York Public Library. Planner James Tramando is put to the test right from the start, when streets close for a Jonas Brothers concert causing all the wedding day preparations to start hours later than scheduled. Later in the episode, the million dollar couple will be paired with another New York power couple who are also having a lavish wedding. The bride-to-be is vice president for fashion designer Nicole Miller, and they are creating a couture wedding gown just for her. But her busy work schedule and means her planner Shawn Rabideau has to take the reins of the wedding during the last few weeks of planning. Will the new bride be happy with the planner's final decisions?

"Most Outrageous Weddings" – New Special
Premieres Saturday, December 13 at 9:00PM ET/PT on Style
This one-hour special features the funniest and most shocking wedding video moments from all over the world, highlighting wedding vow blunders, bouquet toss brawls, skydiving couples, newlyweds who swim with sharks and even couples who came down with some serious dance fever! From the groom that accidentally vows "IN-fidelity," to weddings that get interrupted by trains, planes and hurricanes, these wedding stories takes the cake!

"The Art of Cakes 2: A Martha Stewart Wedding Special" – New Special
Premieres Tuesday, December 16 at 9:00PM ET/PT on Style
Now more than ever, brides have license to create a wedding day tailored to who they are. Traditionally, an unlikely place to put their personal touch was on the wedding cake…but that time has passed! From the inside out, the wedding cake can be a unique centerpiece and grand finale to a magical day. In a new one hour special, the experts at Martha Stewart Weddings show Style viewers the latest trends in cake design, including a cake modeled after a bride's own wedding dress, to a floral masterpiece and even a Moroccan fantasy Lantern cake. Famous cake designers such as Sylvia Weinstock and Ron Ben Israel will also be featured.

"20 Most Outrageous Whose Wedding is it Anyway? Moments" – New Special Episode
Premieres Tuesday, December 16 at 10:00PM ET/PT on Style
Over the past 90 plus episodes, we've seen it all - from crazy themed weddings, to demanding brides-to-be, to overstressed planners. In an entertaining one-hour countdown special, relive the top 20 most outrageous "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?" moments to date!

"Gorgeous and Green: A Martha Stewart Wedding" – New Special
Premieres Saturday, December 20 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on Style
With unprecedented behind-the-scenes access with Martha Stewart, we follow Martha's assistant who is getting married in Nashville, Tennessee. Martha's team is dedicated to making this wedding not only gorgeous, but as green as possible! Liesl and soon-to-be husband Kevin want to have an environmentally conscious event but still desire all the elegance of a Martha Stewart Wedding. Darcy Miller takes the lead as planner and helps the happy couple prepare for the big day incorporating green elements such as using delicious organic items from the garden for their dinner ingredients, to finding unique and beautiful ways to decorate for the reception with recycled and natural products. They also create a registry featuring eco-friendly items.

Don't miss a full two weeks of wedding bliss, when the White Wedding Event premieres Saturday, December 6, only on Style!