Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bouquet Chic is a Bride's Must-Have!

My review of 'Bouquet Chic' by Kimberly Aurora Kapur:

I must have said 'Wow!' twenty times *before* page 20! This book is visually stunning, well-written, and inspiring in a way that few other bridal floral books have achieved. At once modern and fashionable, the looks are achievable no matter where you stand on the Chic Scale. This is THE book you want to buy for the best images to show your own floral designer, and THE book you want to flip through for a boost on days when wedding planning is stressful. It's impossible to be tense when you're looking at vibrant orange bouquets and romantic sage green and white cascades. The text is brilliant, the production quality brilliant, and you'll even find inspiration for your wedding PHOTOS...surely, you'll open this book in front of your photographer and say "I want a shot like THIS!" Bouquet Chic is a must-have!