Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Combat wedding stress with some Love Bets!

Laughter makes all the wedding stress go away...and so does reminding yourselves how much fun you both have together when your world isn't full of Wedding To-Do's, envious friends and pushy parents. I wrote this book to bring some laughs back into your life, to give you tame, romantic and racy things to 'win' from each other, laugh at yourself, show your skills (and by that, I mean tennis or bowling! But you can interpret that however you'd like!) and generally just show your 'awesome side' to your partner again...instead of being miserable, tense and stressed-out by the wedding plans.

Look at this book as an investment in keeping the two of you close during this busy time...and good luck with your bets! Write to me through my website to share your Love Bets stories. I may just include YOU and your bets in the 2nd edition of this book!

Get your copy of Love Bets here.