Thursday, February 05, 2009

Etta James/ Beyonce versions of 'At Last'

Okay, normally I don't get involved in celebrity catfights, but since we're talking about the #1 First Dance song at weddings, I have to speak up about the Etta James/Beyonce clash reported here.

I can TOTALLY understand Etta James's displeasure at not being given the chance to sing her own song at the momentous occasion. This is her song. She sings it at every concert and -- in my opinion -- knocks it out of the park with pitch-pure tones and a voice that brings her faithful fans to tears. I was a MESS at her concert. I was BLISSED-OUT dancing to "At Last" at my own wedding.

There's no denying Beyonce is a tremendous talent, and her presence at the inaugural festivities was a crowd-pleaser.

I'm not going to justify, defend or otherwise comment on reported remarks by Ms. James, because no one ever knows the real story. I just would have LOVED to see BOTH women perform the song for the Obamas. It would have been amazing.

So when the Team Etta and Team Beyonce shirts hit the market in a few hours, it will be interesting to get reports from professional deejays on the percentages of brides and grooms who request Etta's version and Beyonce's version of the song for their wedding playlists.