Sunday, June 21, 2009

Do you have Thank-You notes to write?

Summer weddings in full swing mean there are a lot of you out there wanting to know how to write the perfect, personable and personalized thank-you notes for bridal shower and wedding gifts. The tricky part? Not keeping the groom motivated to sit down and write them, but rather finding the perfect, diplomatic wording for notes you'll send to those guests who did a little something unusual with their gift choices. My book The Bride and Groom Thank-You Guide gives you multiple options for writing thank-you's for the following tricky situations:

* Obvious re-gifts
* Gifts that are not from your registries
* DIY gifts that *are* your style
* DIY gifts that are not your style
* Gift cards
* Wedding gifts sent way before the wedding
* Guests attending the wedding without giving a gift (yet!)
* You've lost a few cards and got disorganized, not knowing who gave you the gravy boat and who gave you the $150!
* Charitable donation gifts you were alerted to through your registry
* Honeymoon registry gifts
* The 'future promise' gift: as in, "We'll take you out for a 5-star dinner when you get back from your honeymoon."
* The gift of legwork and labor as their wedding gift to you

Write those notes well, because people really get offended by the simplest wording!