Monday, October 09, 2006

A big upset

We were supposed to lose badly in this week's fantasy football matchup [I'm a big football fan, and Joe invited me to join him in his company's league], so my original plan was to just watch the Giants/Skins game and then the Eagles/Dallas game without thinking about stats and ratings for the game. But I had to go turn on my computer. As the game played on the TV behind me, I kept jumping between my Diplomacy Guide and the stat tracker. We were up by 20 points...without a quarterback. Later, it was a .04 difference. And we pulled it off (actually, our kicker pulled it off, as did the Pittsburgh defense.) I was just telling Joe that I spent 10 hours in front of my computer on a Sunday watching the numbers and writing an entire chapter. So that's a method that works.

In my last post, I mentioned that Butters had a vet appointment, and the bad news is that his tumor has grown. So our boy will get prednisone to keep him going for as long as possible. (I'm getting all teary-eyed right now). The good news is that he is so loved by us, and he's getting the best care possible. I'd better get off this topic or I won't be able to get much done today...

I'm in talks right now for a huge, wonderful new project with an expert who I admire so much. It's quite astounding to hear her praise my work and my experience, so this is going to be FUN.

Back to the Diplomacy Guide. I wish I'd done this one years ago. From many of the questions and letters I'm getting on the various forums where I answer questions, it seems like some people really could have used this one.