Friday, October 06, 2006

The wedding is coming

Right now, I'm at the point of "The Bride's Diplomacy Guide" where things get a little bit intense, the wedding date is approaching, and the bride may be a little snappy. It's proving tough to write out reasonable advice to someone who I know is quite overwhelmed, fearful and ramped-up. Usually, when brides write me for advice, I can pretty much guess how far away their weddings are. And the ones in the 1-month time range are, obviously, the most distressed.

So here's my diplomacy advice for those brides and grooms who are nearly right on top of their wedding day, with everything magnified, and the littlest thing setting them off. Be very careful about how and where you vent. If something sets you off, don't go running to hundreds of people to be assured that you're right, because you just cause a web of problems that last long after your wedding. Have some forethought, and remember that your wedding day will come. What lingers after it lasts more than one day. Plan for the future, not just the wedding. And know that the future has its seeds in today.

Right now, I'm enjoying helping my parents plan the rehearsal dinner for my brother's wedding. We're awaiting the restaurant's winter menu, and I know that both of my parents are invested in planning something nice for the night before the wedding. Dad's doing well now on his new treatment for myeloma, and Mom hit the one-year mark for her remission recently.

Tonight, Joe and I celebrate our anniversary with a nice dinner out, and a nice night in, before we take Butters to the vet tomorrow. We're both hoping for the x-ray to show improvement, that our little guy won't need surgery, and that the medicine will continue to help him out. He's such a good little guy, and he loves Joe so much. Animals have a sense about people.

I'm back to my article on the newest trends in bridal showers -- creating a display for unwrapped shower gifts, new favor ideas, welcome changes in the world of shower games. Things change so quickly in style, that it's always fun to have new trends to report.