Friday, February 23, 2007

Dressing up your invitation envelopes

The new trend in invitation design is going more traditional and subtle with the invitation itself, and then adding a 'pop' with an unexpected design element. It might be a shiny colored monogram on the response card, bright jewel colors for the reception card, shaped cut-outs...and I love the new envelope liners at These colored and graphic liners slide easily into outer or inner envelopes, seal on securely, and give an added visual when the guest opens the invitation. Check them out as a great way to express your personalities and use the blank canvas of your envelopes as a place to 'paint' your favorite colors.

Today is all about articles....I'm working on a honeymoon registry piece for Resorts and Lodges, a trio of profiles for Bridal Guide, 7 pieces for, and I just pitched InStyle Weddings with a fun new topic I'm very excited about. Something's in the air right now... a kind of stall, or a breather. Seems like everything's on hold, a sort of getting-ready for what's certain to be a big flow of exciting new things. But it's quite amazing how so many of my friends are having the same kind of 'what's going on?' vibe in their worlds as well. Having just watched 'The Secret' as recommended on Oprah, I prefer to think of it as a sense of quiet preceding something good. Think I'll just make some hot chocolate and focus on the articles....