Sunday, February 18, 2007

A wonderful weekend away

Joe has done it again! We've just gotten back from a wonderful weekend getaway to Atlantic City, and I'm walking around here smiling, thinking about how great it was to hop in the car full of excitement, enjoy a great meal at Tun's, then dress up in my little red dress to hit the casino floor. I've discovered I'm a total spaz with Roulette, but I'll chalk some of that up to the fact that we *might* have been sitting next to Clay Aiken. Now, I'm no Clay-mate, giddy with AI fever and spastic with celebrity was more of a distraction: "Hmmmmm...Clay-like guy sitting at a roulette table wearing sunglasses....don't they only do that for poker? And he's wearing full face and neck makeup, has the new brown 'do, seems to be sitting there waiting for people to notice him....hmmmm...." So my functioning at the roulette table was not quite up to speed. I didn't know what 'betting inside' and 'betting outside' meant, since I'm not a big gambler. So I lost and walked away, noticing a few bachelorette parties in the room with women wearing truly baffling printed tee shirts to identify themselves as such. When you're a writer and you're in a big room filled with so many different 'characters' to observe, it's like a goldmine. So I'm sure those tee shirts will show up in a future novel someday...just with different wording. I did enjoy hearing Joe say that such crassness would be a dealbreaker...he shows his fine character and values every minute.

It was a terrific getaway, much-needed for both of us, and I'm so grateful that my guy plans such fun things for us. Oh, and I LOVED seeing the displays of Miss America shoes --- particularly Heather Whitestone's ballet shoes. I remember watching that year when she won and being completely floored by her performance. Brava.

So Clay, if that was you, know that you were in the presence of greatness for those few minutes. And I'm talking about Joe.