Thursday, February 15, 2007

Iced-in for Valentine's Day

A Nor'easter blew through town, so my wonderful Joe -- knowing that travel would be virtually impossible on Valentine's Day -- surprised me by showing up with a dozen red roses, my favorite chocolate truffles, and an adorable card the night before. I had just finished up with a yoga workout, so I looked a mess when I answered the door. But his is the face I love to see when I open any door...

So we'll do Valentine's Day dinner by the fireplace tonight instead. I'm just trying to decide between the red dress and the black dress. If the heat doesn't kick on in this ol' Victorian house pretty soon, it's going to be thermal pajamas ;) Just kidding...this is the man who offered to WALK through the ice storm to get to me last night, so I'm putting together the ultra romance package, improved edition, just for him.

Until then, it's all about edits to the handbags story, making arrangements for a TV taping on March 15, finally getting to some articles for the beauty site (thanks for your patience, Nathalie!), arranging for the podcast to be recorded at a bridal show in a few weeks, and crossing all fingers and toes for some acquisitions meetings that are taking place this week. Trying to get the plate clear for our weekend getaway.... I read that the national average of vacations that people take is 6 per year. My jaw hit the floor on that one. ;)