Monday, May 18, 2009

Wanna Bet?

My book Love Bets is on the front tables at bookstores all over the country, and couples are writing to me with reports of the fabulous things they're winning in bets with their spouses:

"We're going for a 3-day weekend getaway, without the kids, for the first time in 5 years. I got to pick the destination." - Sam, New York City

"He has to make me breakfast every day this week. The American Idol results went my way! Sorry, Danny Gokey, but I'm getting my waffles and bacon!" -- Elizabeth, Houston

"She's washing my car right now. I picked out her outfit." -- James, Sarasota

Here's what else my Love Betting couples are winning: handbag shopping sprees, foot massages, cleanup of the dog's messes in the backyard [oooo -- that's quite a wager, people!], taking the kids every Sunday so Mom gets a day off, three things knocked off the To Do list this weekend, trip to the winery, and a karaoke performance. What will YOU win with Love Bets?

Get your copy here, and have more fun with your partner!