Friday, May 01, 2009

Personalize your wedding with Caribbean 'Shells of the Month'

While my husband and I were on our second honeymoon on St. John, we visited a lovely jewelry shop in Mongoose Junction and discovered this fun chart about the 'Shells of the Month,' which works a lot like birthstones and the flowers of the month. The jeweler casts actual shells using precious metals in his work, but you can incorporate the real deal in your decor. Check it out to see if your island destination wedding or honeymoon could use a fun shell theme with meaning:

Attributes of Shells, from

In the 1970s R&I PATTON collected local* shells and made molds of them in order to cast them in solid 18k, 14k and sterling. They are beautiful, lasting tokens of remembrance for an amazing island and a significant event.

Seashells and what they have come to represent:

Starfish: orderliness, charisma, honesty, persistence, regeneration, originality

Limpet: intensity, stability, determination, durability, steadfastness

Scallop:truth, faithfulness, trustworthiness, precision, balance, dependability

Tulip:sweetness, compassion, loveliness, kindness, tranquility, love

Murex: poise, beauty, intricacy, intelligence - very feminine shell

Sanddollar:loyalty, encouragement, reliability, certainty, predictability

Coral:warmth, charm, openness, complexity, enthusiasm, zeal

Urchin: boldness, confidence, creativity, decisiveness, certainty, bravery

Cowry: prosperity, worth, generosity, directness, ambition, versatility

Flamingo Tongue: strength, simplicity, potency, courage - a very masculine shell

Triton: expansiveness, loquaciousness, wildness, energy, passion

Conch: power, leadership, devotion, optimism, cooperation, harmony

* Since it is now illegal to remove any shells from the beaches and waters of the U.S. Virgin Islands, these precious metal replicas are great and lasting mementos.

These shells make wonderful wedding party gifts. Our staff would be happy to help you decide about which shells would be appropriate for individuals in your group.

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