Friday, May 15, 2009

Who wants a week in Jamaica?

Sign on to win a week's honeymoon -- or second honeymoon if you're already married -- at, where you can also win two phenomenal new Nokia 7205 Intrigue cell phones and find out how technology can help you improve your wedding planning process, keep you organized, save money and -- most importantly -- maintain your relationships with everyone around you.

I just returned from taping a segment on ABC News Now's 'Ahead of the Curve' where I shared insider secrets about how this particular Nokia phone organizes your wedding vendor calls and messages AUTOMATICALLY, so that you can keep their quotes, your orders and your payments organized, saving you the headache of checking messages on your 4 different e-mail accounts. The phone does it automatically! So when that florist says you didn't pay your deposit, you can just whip out your Intrigue and show her that Yes, you did make the payment and she sent you a thank you message. No paying double for you. On a design front, the Nokia 7205 has a Habitat mode that assigns nature icons for each of your contacts. And they have His and Hers models. Check it out at, and get your His and Hers phones instead of spending hundreds on those His and Hers tee shirts, hats, and underwear sets.

Like the phone? Send me an e-mail, and I'll give one winner a month a copy of my newest book "Home From the Honeymoon," giving you tips for handling the first, challenging year of marriage.