Wednesday, June 07, 2006

18 in a row

That would be 18 radio interviews in a row, a satellite radio tour where I gave back-to-back drive-time radio interviews across the country. I had to be on a landline for clarity, so there I was all nestled into my goose feather comforter and pillows, wearing pink pajamas and pink and red fuzzy socks, giving interviews from my living room floor. The time flew, the interviews went wonderfully, and I just saw one of my biggest dreams come true. I've always wanted to do an SRT, and I have this one under my belt. Plus, more than a few radio hosts referred to me as DR. Naylor, which tickled me.

And the reporter from InStyle Weddings comp copy with my quotes in it is in the mail. Listen closely in a few days. You'll hear me screaming for joy out by my mailbox. Another dream come true.

I'm rackin' them up.

Went to visit Joe and Butters tonight. It could be working woman guilt, but I was an absent parent for his first 24 hours, and my imagination says that Butters prefers Joe. Or it could have been the orange and ginger hand lotion I'd just put on before I arrived. Poor little Butters probably didn't know if he should eat my hand. But he's learning how to use his exercise ball -- Joe holds out a blueberry for him to chase. It's the most amazing thing, and it thrills me to see Joe so in love with the little guy. In fact, I may have been rushed out of cuddle time tonight so that Joe could have some Butters time. Just kidding. I love how the two of them have bonded. Butters definitely knows who has the blueberries.

Doing some online shopping right now -- job well done today, so it's treat time for me (the shoe equivalent of blueberries, I'd imagine). Check out to design your own shoes in color, fabric and heel. Great for bridesmaids, an eye-opener for brides who have requested hideous shoes, and just plain fun for the ladies (and the men who love them). With thanks to my Shoe Guru...I put my style in your hands. And personal note to you, Style Guru: I just ordered a few skirts. Conservative? Yes. But the tops...not so much.

"Sweet November" is on TV in the background. It's one of those hideous guilty pleasures that you just have to watch, if only to see Keanu Reeves play 'lovestruck' and 'cynical.' I always keep waiting for the 'Whoooaaaaa.' My other TV guilty pleasures that I just have to leave on: "Father of the Bride" remakes 1 & 2, "Dirty Dancing," "Field of Dreams," "Shawshank Redemption," "The Wedding Planner," "Princess Bride" and anything with John Cusack. All on in the background while I'm writing my books and articles.

And now for some more online's June, and it's wedding season, so that means wedding and shower gifts for some of my friends and editors. Check out if you're planning a shower for anyone.