Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A day of phone interviews

Just got off the phone with Sasha Souza, who is amazing and has graciously offered to contribute a quote to my new book, even though she has a book of her own coming out next year. That's what I love about everyone in the wedding industry. So positive, so excited, so creative and so willing to share. We love our jobs. We're 100% focused on a happy time in people's lives, and we work to make it even better. Casey Cooper, my co-author, is working on our manuscript while she's on vacation. Michelle Roth is in Europe right now, but she's ready to talk the minute she gets back.

As I work on an article for Gift Shop magazine on the best gifts to give to parents and bridal parties, I have to suggest you visit www.inyourskivvies.com for their Swarovski-crystal personalized undies, and www.mylittlepretty.com for gorgeous gemstone jewelry (check out the lariats that hang down your back!). www.thepearloutlet.com is sending me a boatload of sample pearl necklaces, so I'm keeping an eye out for the mail truck. Can't wait to see the multicolor freshwater pearls that are hot right now. I've never really been the pearl type, but the tide may be changing on that one too. This summer, after all, I became a shoe girl and now I'm watching a whole lot of "What Not To Wear" and talking back to the TV ("Are you KIDDING with those pants?"). And yesterday, Joe and I watched a documentary on surfing, so now I want to try that the next time I'm in Hawaii. Speaking of Hawaii, I just got a release about a $20,000 Vera Wang wedding package at a resort on Maui. You stay in the Vera Wang suite, and the whole wedding is VW. Also in the In Box, a destination wedding package in India, and an invite for a free weekend at a B&B in Kennebunkport. (Can't go, have my cousin's baby's Christening that day and wouldn't dream of going without Joe.)

4 days 'til my niece and nephew arrive...