Monday, June 26, 2006

Nicole Kidman's wedding

Congratulations to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban on their wedding this past weekend -- how wonderful to hear about their church wedding and the special serenades they arranged. Her one-shoulder dress design is sure to become the big trend moving forward....

Speaking of trends, I'm doing an article on the top gifts to give bridal parties and parents, and I'm amazed at what's out there. Gorgeous vases with sayings on them, framed collector's items, skydiving excursions. We've come a long way from the silver frame with the wedding portrait in it. Still want that one? Check out where you can get your black and white portrait digitally colored (such as the bouquet in sepia pink tones).

So this is the last big project I need to get done before my niece and nephew arrive for a week of swimming, shopping, museums, movies, cooking for Grammy and Grampy, 4th of July parade and fireworks, planting container gardens, and perhaps taking them crabbing on the boat. Not sure about that one, but the kids are going to have a great week. They're doing a countdown on their calendars -- Kevin just said it's 'One week to Butters-time,' since he wants to play with the hamster. They've put in their food orders, too. Sushi and rolled up ham with triangles of yellow American cheese, and meatballs. My goal is to get them to eat just one piece of fruit. We're breaking out the kitchen appliances -- quesadilla maker, smoothie maker, fondue pot -- for gourmet day. I only get to see them 1-2 times a year, so we cram as much into a week as possible.

Had a great weekend with Joe, most notably his cousin's baby's first birthday party where I met more of his wonderful relatives. The party reminded me of my family's reunions and holiday parties, with all the kids running around (the things you overhear! wow!), great food, lots of hugs and kisses, happy birthday sung in three languages, a chocolate pudding Napolean that has me drooling right now just thinking about it. And of course that snapshot moment where I had gone inside for coffee and was heading back outside to the terrace -- saw Joe sitting there laughing with his brother Adam, and I had to stop in my tracks for a second. And smile.

Today I'm taping a radio commercial, so I'd better take a look at the script before they call....