Saturday, June 10, 2006


No, this is not a baby announcement for Butters the Hamster (who is a genius, by the way). My issue of InStyle Weddings arrived yesterday! I saw the plain, white-wrapper mailing envelope in my mailbox and knew instantly. This was the big moment.

Now I liken this to how someone tries out and tries out and tries out for an Olympic team or the National Ballet theater, always gets THIS close, and it doesn't work out. But this time, my quote is there. It means the world to be to be quoted alongside Colin Cowie, Preston Bailey, Jung Lee, Amy Mancuso, Joanne Gregoli, Peggy Post (and the list goes on). I've belonged there for a while, and with thanks to Allison Winn Scotch (who gets the next hamster named after her), my dream has come true. I can't even believe it. Joe promised to get it framed for me. It's that big a deal and will hang over my desk.

Joe and I went out to a hibachi restaurant to celebrate, and then out for ice cream. While we chose to go with Baskin Robbins, we stumbled on a cute little ice cream shop in the same strip mall (hey, this is Jersey...that's what we have here!). Hollywood Ice Cream has specials named after movies and movie lines. My favorite: From "A Few Good Men" : "You can't handle three scoops!" They have a Wizard of Oz special that features mint green ice cream, and something called the Titanic with 19 scoops of ice cream. Sounds like lunch to me! Just kidding. It's a brilliant marketing strategy and I wish them luck. Our night ended with Dave Attell comedy tape, foot massages and playing with Butters, who has mostly accepted me as part of Joe's life. He'll climb on my chest, but when I pick him up, he wants his Dad's strong hands. Little guy just flails until he gets back to Joe. But I think I've won him over a little with my sesame seed treats.

Joe and I played mini-golf today, then went out for salmon salad and fish tacos. He's out at a show with his brother tonight, and I'm just back from drinks with the girls. Two old high school friends recently reunited. So, stuffed on fondue and just one glass of Chardonnay, I'm in for the night to watch Wedding Week on Very happy to see my colleague Collette Peters featuring her amazing cakes -- she did one based on a famous art deco painting -- and learn how those ice sculptures are really made. So I'm trying to decide between the carrot sticks and fat-free dip (it's pool season) and chocolate Oreos. I've already splurged on some new jeans tonight, plus a chocolate brown dress I fell in love with and matching espadrilles, so maybe I've had enough chocolate for the night. Best to go with the carrot sticks.

Just pumped out a chapter for "What's your Bridal Style?" in between commercials and am turning off the computer before I get in the flow and write four more sections. I've been trying to discipline myself not to write on weekends, but it's like breathing. I have to do it. And when inspiration strikes, there's no saying no. Same with the jeans and chocolate dress and espadrilles and handbag. My celebratory gift for being in InStyle Weddings. Job well done. Thank you, Allison. You've made my day.

Oh, and a very special moment that those of you who loved "Under the Tuscan Sun" will appreciate...I had a ladybug crawling on my arm during mini-golf today. Joe pointed it out. "Ladybugs, Kathryn! Lots and lots of ladybugs!"