Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Garden weddings

I'm usually done a week before a deadline, but I'm still plugging away at this article on planning garden weddings. I'll be speaking with the U.S. National Arboretum and a bed and breakfast as the two sample types, and including the garden wedding of a lovely couple in North Carolina who planted their own backyard garden for their wedding, constructed a trellis, picked their own bouquets from their garden, and prepped most of the food themselves.

Contrast that to the PR release I received today -- a couple who brought in advertisers to have their entire wedding held in a baseball stadium, with ads on the Jumbotron for their 8,000 'guests' in attendance at the game (Flowers by _____, Cake by _____, etc.) I'm all for creativity with the budget, but I wonder if the vows will be sponsored by Taco Bell. ;) I've been asked by the media for my opinion on this comes up every now and then, and my opinion is this: to each his own.

I had a terrific blog all ready for you a few days ago, but Blogger was having technical issues. So I'll short-list the details: mini-golf, terrific dinners, hammock time, check out for your digital photos on ceramic tile and as puzzles, and Butters the hamster may be pregnant. Joe and I might be grandparents. I've done everything else in my life out of order -- I did my 30s in my 20s, I'm doing my 20s now -- so why not be a hot, stylin' grandma too? ;)

Back to the To-Do list. I'm thrilled beyond belief that Sasha Souza has agreed to give us a quote for "What's Your Bridal Style?" and I can't wait to get back to that project after completing the garden piece. My in-box is piled up -- friends' June birthdays, Father's Day meal to plan, lunch with friends next week, and counseling a friend who's thinking of calling off her wedding. Brava to her. The guy's a crumb.

Beef fajita marinade is almost done, and the veggies need to be cut for tonight's meal, so I'm kitchen bound for another hour of procrastinating. It's early. I'll make that deadline for the garden wedding piece. ;) Oh, and my ice cube trays are a little low. Domestic stuff is my prep style -- I do great work after the socks have been paired, the peppers sliced, my floors Swiffered. I was the same way in college -- my roommates LOVED me. Still do.