Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July

My niece and nephew have been in town for a few days, so work comes in a distant second...or third. The highlights: hours of playing with Star Wars figures -- Darth Vader leading a conga line tops my list -- watching Zathura, and especially last night when I gave the kids some comic books. They were completely absorbed by them, so I'll add 'go to the comic book store' to the itinerary for this week. Joe came by with Butters last night (and flowers for me, and tee shirts for the kids from the Somerset Patriots game)...sigh... It was amazing to have so crummy a 4th of July last year, and this year I have my munchkins here, and my amazing man bringing me pink roses and smelling so great. I couldn't be more blissed out.

That reminds me of a story about Croatia....but that's for another time.

The kids are sleeping peacefully now, so I'm up to get a little bit of work done before the day begins....