Thursday, July 27, 2006

Big things cooking

I wish I could talk about them now, but until the ink is dry, I say nothing.

Butters the hamster is sitting in his exercise ball right here next to my desk. He's done some laps around the room and is waiting for his blueberry. He keeps looking for Joe, who is down the shore with his family this week, and I have to say I keep looking for Joe too. We've never been apart this long before. I was supposed to join them, but I've got a summer stomach bug and sinus thing, so it's all work now so I can be all play when Joe returns. I miss him so much.

Until I get my giant hug, I'm working on "What's Your Bridal Style?" with Casey Cooper, putting the finishing touches on the gown chapter and I've just noticed that we don't have a resources section for the back of the book. So we're not going to be uncorking any wine to celebrate the final manuscript this week. So close!

That's it for today. It's cough drop time. In good news: my Dad's white cell counts have improved, says his oncologist. So I'll make that a celebratory cough drop.