Friday, July 21, 2006

Just a few more edits...

...and I can put the big bridal gift feature to bed. On my calls list for this one -- Godiva, Kate Spade and Vera Wang. After that, it's the toasts article for Ritz Carlton Weddings and the showers article for NJ Bride. While Joe's away on a trip, I'll be working morning til night -- my goal is to get all twelve articles done before I head down to meet him at the shore next weekend.

The big news is that I'll be a columnist at a beauty Web site, taking about skincare, makeup, hair and other beauty topics for the wedding day. I'll announce that formally once we 'nail' down the first article topics, but I'm very excited to be the site's wedding expert. Julie brought this opportunity to me, so it's only a matter of time before I'm trying the sea kelp body wrap and white chocolate pedicures. I'm imagining luxurious spa treatments, and am laughing right now because I'm sure my first assignment will be eyebrow waxing or something along those lines.

Other than that, just flipping through Modern Bride right now. Gotta keep on top of what the big bridal mags are doing these days...sitting on my couch are four or five bridal mags ready to be flipped through during today's predicted thunderstorms.