Friday, July 14, 2006

Closing in on 100%

We're so close to finishing "What's Your Bridal Style?" and it's thrilling. Casey Cooper, my co-author, just sent over the most beautiful material in description of ceremony settings. We're filling this book with lots of sensory details, and this section is just gorgeous. Right now, I'm working simultaneously on the invitations section and the menu section -- to counter the effects of writing about delicious foods, including the new trend in pierogie bars, I'm skipping over to paper and fonts. Not as tempting. ;)

Since Dad is in the hospital for his regular blood transfusion, I'm keeping my mind on work. The doc just e-mailed with a good report, so it's a little easier to focus.

Tonight is a Somerset Patriots game with Joe, which I'm really looking forward to. It's a theme night where everyone is supposed to dress up in pirate gear. Now where did I put that fake parrot for my shoulder? Just kidding.

So until gametime, it's going to be all writing and phone relays to all my father's relatives -- I'm the communications guru. I'd rather be at the hospital, there to fetch Jello, but Dad wants everyone to maintain their schedules. It's tough to clear the mind enough to write well...but every now and then I do find myself in the zone, where time flies and the writing is rich and layered. I'll take it...