Monday, April 09, 2007

THE ring to get your bridesmaids -- Oprah says so...

I flipped out when I saw this's on Oprah's hot list, the lineup of celebrities wearing this one is unreal, it's GORGEOUS...and it's under $300. Brides are picking this up as the perfect, indulgent gift for their much-loved bridesmaids and mothers, Check it out, and click on celebrities to see whose company your ladies will be in... Read the description carefully, since the AH could stand for 'available and happy' for your single bridesmaids, or 'attached and happy' for your non-singles.

This past week has been amazing...Joe and I went for the inspection on our new house, and I'm amazed at how thorough our inspector was. It takes so much of the worry out when you know you're in good hands. But we really got to see much more detail about the house itself...taking measurements, planning our furniture layout...and that ceiling fan has to go! Right now, our office has orange shag carpeting and dark brown wood paneled walls -- it's like Mike Brady's office! But it soon will have new flooring and new walls, our matching desks and executive chairs, and the InStyle Weddings cover and article that Joe had framed for me. While most people dream about what their kitchen is going to look like, I'm dreaming about the office ;) Oh, okay, the kitchen too. Although I kinda like the 1970s butterfly wallpaper in the kitchen (kidding, honey!).

My niece and nephew were up from Tennessee for the Easter weekend, Dad got out of the hospital in time to enjoy the amazing meal my Mom and I prepared, we did my uncle Augie's traditional egg war (smacking the ends of dyed eggs together to see which one cracks -- which is *really* funny when you think about the irony of it), the kids did an egg hunt, and we played for hours with the Smurf collection from our childhood. The kids finally got to meet Tigger the hamster, and Joe finished off the weekend in style with a popcorn and Spiderman 2 movie night. The kids never want to leave. I don't blame them. It's all fun at Aunt Shashie's ;) And Joe's wonderful family sent home some lovely flowers and chocolates for me since I missed their family celebration...I'm overwhelmed with how blessed I am to get a great man and be welcomed into his great family like this. And a message to Aunt Chris...the bunny buns are delicious! Thank you!