Sunday, April 29, 2007

Trying on rings with Joe

Have you ever had so much joy that you can't even put it into words? I'm a Word Girl, so when that know it's great. I'll try to describe the day we had yesterday, but there's nothing I could say to convey just how wonderful it was.

After a morning of a dentist appointment for Joe, and our plumber cancelling on us after we waited for hours, Joe suggested that we go to the jewelers to try on engagement rings. I had shown him the setting I wanted on the Hearts on Fire webpage (, so he found the nearest retailer, and we drove out to them. Let me just tell you...if you live *anywhere* near Short Hills, NJ, make your first and only stop Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelry ( The store is gorgeous, the selection divine, and Kenny, Patricia, and Pete at the store made the entire experience completely magical. I tried on a few versions of 'my ring,' discovered that I am *not* a size 6 but am smaller (weight loss in the fingers too? Excellent!), and we agreed on the perfect ring. It sparkled so much it hurt our eyes, especially when we were allowed to take it outside to see it in the sun. With the choice made, the store brought out the most amazing champagne I have *ever* had in my life, Kenny proposed a toast to us, and it was truly an amazing experience that I could never even have imagined. When they wrapped the box, I was in tears when I saw that they had attached a tiny faux monarch butterfly -- which is a very important symbol in my family, one that reminds me of my grandmother and her sisters. So the waterworks started...first and foremost, because this is all with Joe. He could give me a ring made of twine and I would love it. Joe tried on a few wedding bands, and I love his choices. We'll definitely head back there to buy our bands. So when the shopping trip was done, after a round of hugs with everyone (even the doorman!), Joe and I stepped out into the sunlight with our new purchase, and -- get this -- were showered with tiny white flower petals falling from the trees. How perfect and amazing is that?